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“Dream C Club” Hostess Seduction Game for Xbox 360


Bandai-Namco, along with publisher D3, are looking to release a new hostess dating simulation game for the Xbox 360 next summer. Strangely, some of the characters bear more than a passing resemblance to the idols of Idolmaster….

The game, entitled “Dream C Club”, consists of the player interacting with various young hostesses during weekends off from work.

When not relaxing with the girls, the player can choose to work at a part time job during the weekdays, check your email and go shopping for gifts to give them with the money you earn. You can even persuade them to cosplay (presumably with money).

A highly realistic dating/hostess courting game then. And one with a freeter protagonist… It’s not clear if exorbitant special payments will eventually allow the protagonist to visit a love hotel with his commercial paramour.



A number of the girls bear an uncanny resemblance to the ones found in Namco’s IdolM@ster series:



The latest Yakuza game also looks set to offer this sort of “romantic” action

Via Hachimaki and Video Gamer X.

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