Sanya Loli Dakimakura Otaku Obsession


The new dakimakura of Strike Witches’ Sanya V. Litvyak has just invaded otaku bedrooms in full force, with one fan apparently going so far as to assemble a complete family of three loli witch sisters.

Why three? “One to admire, one to keep, and one to use.” Enough said.

Certainly, the magnetically moe charm of the favorite Pantsu Witch is something to be feared…


A shot of two of the dakimakura, presumably lacking the third since a trio of nearly nude Sanyas would be too much moe for any otaku to handle and could result in dangerous levels of dehydration via sudden nosebleeds.


Since it was released yesterday, the time for online pre-orders have long since passed, although it was available for a time on Hobby Search.

If the rigmarole of Japanese auction sites and proxy services is too too daunting, there is always our extensive coverage of the government endorsed series to inspect, as well as the conveniently free gallery of Strike Witches art on the Channel.

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