Tony Taka’s Kotone Ousaka Banana Ero-Figure


The Kotone Ousaka figure from Native, based on an original illustration from none other than Tony Taka, is quite possibly the most anticipated ero-figure announced for 2009 for reasons that are all too plainly visible to anyone who has ever laid eyes on it.

The agonizing wait for uncensored photos has so far not brought forth any fruit, and as the figure is still some months away (and pre-orders still open), now would be a good time to examine what pictures do exist of the gorgeous figure while it is still attainable…

The figure is a 1/7 PVC and comes from Native, a smaller maker of higher quality figures but with a rather small output. The sculptor is 智恵理 / Chieri, whose latest well-known work is the Mikuru Adult Ver. from Max Factory.

Native is also responsible for the beautiful Tony Pantsu Malfunction Maid figure, the Space Tentacle Raep figure, and the pubic hair attachment stickers used to give your ero-figures various styles of pubic hair, so they seem intent on carving out a specific niche in the figure market (ero).

The new Kotone Ousaka figure has gathered much attention at recent events like Comiket 75 (where it made its debut) and WonHobi, partially because of its obvious quality, and partially because of its origins as this illustration from Tony:


I had hoped to show some true nude photos of Kotone here, but those have not shown up anywhere yet, so this is a clever attempt to trick the cruel Fates into releasing uncensored photos the day after I post this (as what happened with the FREEing Kokonoe Rin)…







The curves on this figure, all of them, are simply marvelous.


Kotone can be picked up off her chair for shots like these, although her leg positioning would make it unfeasible to put her anywhere other than the edge of a tall object.



Censor logos…


She does seem lonely posing without her companion banana, so its removability will likely not be used very often…






Kotone’s beloved partner, her banana.


Perhaps this was the reason the banana is removable – a nice negi pose.

See more at sources AkibaHobby and HobbyStock.

The exquisite Kotone Ousaka figure is due for a June release.

Ordering it internationally will be slightly more troublesome than usual, as Native’s distribution is still quite under-developed compared to the big makers, but pre-orders are available online for around $80.

It is also available for domestic Japanese orders on the Native website, which includes a count-down timer marking how many hours are left until the pre-order period ends.

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