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Rei & Asuka Maid-Moe Figures from Kotobukiya


The full pair of Evangelion Maid figures from Kotobukiya has recently become available online for pre-orders, and as they combine both Rei and Asuka with most moesome maid apparel, many should be intrigued by these excellent photos of the two…

Both figures (which are sold seperately) are 1/7 PVC and come from maker Kotobukiya, probably better known lately for their figures of Index (Kanzaki, Index) and Kannagi (Tsugumi, Zange, Nagi).

As Rei will be coming out before Asuka, we’ll examine her first…



Considering that both figures lay in the “moderate” pricing range of ¥6,xxx, the detailing seen here is fairly good.

Rei’s face invokes the angelic mute’s likeness very nicely, in my opinion.


Her chair passes muster, and doesn’t come off as being overly “plasticy”.


Unfortunately, no panchira of Rei available here, but we do get…


Chair panchira.


The Asuka maid figure.

My first thought is that Asuka’s standing position and lack of a chair to sit on versus Rei’s more statuesque chair might be a demerit for Asuka.

Still, she has a tray with tea and pastries, and the thought of one of the Eva girls serving you food carries a formidable amount of moe appeal to those of us likely interested in these figures.


Asuka’s face looks excellent.

I must to preferring the “real” thing to her several cosplay versions.


Apparently Asuka can be removed from her small ABS stand in favor of a larger one, as is shown in the photos of her and Rei as a pair.


Panchira (a major issue with any figure) should be easier with Asuka than Rei…


Rei and Asuka side by side is most likely the intended display option for these figures, and does look quite attractive…

The Rei Maid Ver. will become available around May, and has been available to international buyers for some time, costing approximately $70.

The Asuka Maid Ver. will come out in June, and is available online for around ¥6,400.

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