Kadokawa Quality Continues



The reign of quality publisher Kadokawa continues with the news that both second episodes of Haruhi-chan and Churuya-san have been released quietly without drama or boatwatching; however, fans may be dismayed to note that the main feature is barely longer than its opening, having become even shorter.

Additionally, Kadokawa have seen fit to completely remove the first episodes (update: they seem to have restored them after a significant period of them being taken offline)…

You can view the second episodes, in all their glorious brevity and with the usual dubious subs, on YouTube. Ero-gamer Nagato does feature.

It seems the length and animation quality have both suffered, with the titles now barely at MAD level; the essential quality of Haruhi-chan remains undiminished at least, though the manga looks all the more compelling.

(Bizarrely, Kadokawa have removed the previous episodes, perhaps mistaking YouTube for a half-baked old media television channel. How do they expect to gain advertising revenue from making people save the anime and watch it locally, instead of revisiting the site?)

It seems they have restored access after quite a few hours offline; it’s not clear what happened there.

Possibly the anime is actually intended just as a commercial for their tacky and ill advised YouTube delivery efforts; certainly it is hard to fathom what they intend to do with it afterwards, as even Haruhi fans may think twice before buying this on DVD, though on the other hand…

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