Bounty Hunter Yoko by Alter


The latest Alter figure of Gurren Lagann‘s Yoko, spotted on display at the recent Megahobby and WonHobi events, has just become available for pre-order on online shops.

This also means that a number of official photos have become available of the attractive figure, which are shown below…

The 1/8 PVC figure comes from Alter, a respectable name in the figure business if there ever was one.

Its full name is 謎の賞金稼ぎ ヨーコ・リットナー / Yoko the Mysterious Bounty Hunter, an appropriate name as it depicts Yoko as the self-idealized version of herself in the “dream world” in the 2nd to last episode of the series (I believe – I saw episodes 13-27 in one continuous sitting nearly a year ago, so my memory might be a tad off):







This certainly looks to be a quality rendition; I can only think of the facial expression as the one detail I would need to inspect further – the rest of the figure looks superb, and the face might well just look odd to me at first glance but could slowly grow on me.




Alter Bounter Hunter Yoko should become available in June, and pre-orders have started becoming available online earlier today for around ¥7,500, which is quite fair for a figure of this quality and polish.


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