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Japanese Women Disgusted by “Unmanly” Behaviour


A recent article provides us with 16 patterns that women consider “unmanly”, and are the subject of much loathing.

These are the qualities Japanese women are thought to despise:

1.   He has no opinion, is just carried along by others.
2.   He always has someone to blame.
3.   He can never be decisive at the moment of truth.
4.   He’s always giving up (never puts in the work).
5.   He’s always relying on his parents somehow.
6.   He keeps quiet on the train even when he’s bunched up against some weirdo.
7.   Though he’s timid around other people, he only acts firm in front of me.
8.   He flip-flops around with what foods he likes and dislikes.
9.   He splits the cost of meals (with me) exactly, even in increments of ¥10.
10. He asks to be treated.
11. He always whines about his work.
12. His mails are too long.
13. He does nothing but complain.
14. He checks his appearance in front of the mirror too much.
15. He uses hygiene products too much.
16. His body is frail and weak.

Via Itai News.

As we heard previously, collecting figures or being an anime otaku are also sure ways to eliminate yourself from the gene pool.

2ch shoots back with the 16 patterns possessed by a woman who men actually like:

1.   Her opinion is tsundere.
2.   She blames everything on the petty.
3.   She’s audacious at the moment of truth.
4.   She’s always bathing (likes to keep clean and tidy).
5.   She relies on tools one way or another.
6.   She cries on the train when she’s bunched up against some weirdo.
7.   Though she’s timid around her boyfriend, she only acts firm in front of her teddy bear.
8.   She doesn’t care about food.
9.   She pesters (me) for money exactly, even in increments of ¥10.
10. She asks to be “done”.
11. She always whines about her breasts.
12. Her letters are long.
13. She does nothing but ero.
14. She checks the lower half of her body in front of the mirror a lot.
15. She spends too much time on her breasts.
16. She is tsurupeta (flat and smooth).

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