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Wonder Hobby Festival 9 Bishoujo Figure Highlights


This week’s WonHobi 9 included an impressive assortment of bishoujo figures, in addition to the huge amount of Figma and Nendoroid figures that were so numerous that they warranted their own separate write-up.

Presented here are some of the best images to come out of the event, showcasing many lovely figures, as well as some photos of the event area to help ease the disappointment of those who could not attend, but wish they had.


Firstly, the Fate T. Harlaown by the superb figure company Alter deserves a look.


Look at that beautifully sculpted flowing hair!


I find the small bulge where her thigh high stockings end and her zettai ryouiki begins enticing…

It should be out sometime this summer, but pre-orders have yet to open online.


This Good Smile Company figure has a bit of a story to it – it’s based on the illustrations made by artist “huke” for a popular Hatsune Miku Nico video entitled ブラック★ロックシューター / Black★Rock Shooter, which is also the name of this figure.

So, you can think of this as a slightly warped, dark version of Miku…


I’m not a huge fan of pseudo-lightning / auras on figures as they tend to seem cartoony, but it works quite well here, I think. Good Smile has been on quite a roll lately with their full-size figure lineup, which you can see more of here.

See the Black★Rock Shooter video on this forum post I’ve made if you’ve yet to see it.


This lovely Moka Akashiya figure (from Rosario + Vampire) is also from Good Smile, due for a release in June.


This Good Smile figure of Sora o Kakeru Shoujo’s lead character Akiha Shishidou looks excellent also, and is set for a June release.

If you’re wondering about the abundance of Good Smile items presented, they are one of the show’s sponsors and understandly had a large presence at the event.


From Alter, this 1/8 figure of eroge Beat Blades Haruka’s Narika Shihoudou is due in (also) in June.

It looks great, and I love the Strike Witches-esque pantsu display.


This Mikuru Asahina (Adult Vers.) by Max Factory will be coming out in May.


She’ll come with this ira-ira style face, plus a cute winking one and an alternate arm to do her “classified information!” pose.

The exceedingly tight miniskirt and blouse look very nice!


The gorgeous Saber Lily, posed by her upcoming Nendoroid clone that was covered in our earlier Figma / Nendoroid event report.

So cute!


The Yoko figure from Alter, which was also at the MegaHobby 2009 event.

It should be out in June, a month that is turning out to have an excess of excellent figures seeing release.


The Fraulein Revoltech Yoko Movie Vers. will be out in April.

For those unfamiliar, Revoltechs are maker Kaiyodo’s parallel to Max Factory’s Figma action figure lineup.


This will be a limited edition figure available through otaku megastore Animate.

Yoko looks pretty good with her hair down, no?


These are the Rin and Len Kagamine Loli / Shota pair from Good Smile we previously posted on, with the new Hatsune Miku CM. Vers. in the middle.

The Rin and Len figures are due in May, but the Miku figure’s release date is still indeterminate.


This trio is Max Factory’s upcoming Haruhi Extravaganza series.

We’ve covered the lovely Mikuru and Nagato figures before, and the first of the set, Haruhi, will be released in March.


The 1/4 Konata Izumi by FREEing was announced some time ago, but FREEing recently revealed Kagami, Tsukasa and Miyuki will also be getting their own 1/4 real-cotton clothing figures!

They are due for Summer, Fall and Winter respectively, with the Konata coming out first in June.


Maru and Moro, by Lilics, recreating that wonderful yuri “almost” kiss scene from the 1st season OP of xxxHolic.


This huge 1/4 Nanoha Takamachi Swimsuit Ver. is due out in May, from Good Smile.

I especially like the skin tone, plus the oppai-carrying technique Nanoha is performing.


The already released 1/4 Rin Kokonoe from FREEing, which some kind sould has already photographed stripped of its clothing.

I was reminded of how odd figure scaling can be when I recently got a chance to inspect this figure in person – it was quite a bit smaller than you’d expect, but was still a very nice figure overall.


This Kotone Ousaka figure (also seen at Comiket 75), based on a beautiful illustration from Tony Taka, comes from maker Native and was recently released.

I haven’t done a post on this one yet purely because of the lack of uncensored photos of the figure cast-off, as I’ve been telling myself nude photos of it will come out a day or two after I make a post, much like what happened with the Kokonoe figure


Gift had this series of Touhou plushies on display.

Note the otaku reflections getting in the way of the dolls.


This was a large display of ドロッセル / Drossel that greeted attendees near the entrance to the event.

Drossel is from a Disney produced 3DCG anime “Fireball” that aired last year.


She’s also being Figmatized, shown here besides Figma Maid Tsuruya-san.

It looks especially good as a Figma, since an action figure’s joints are much less noticeable on a non-human design.

(Also, yes, I realize this belonged in the Figma / Nendo report. I forgot.)


This Juliona Trans figure from Lilics is based on a illustration from the creator of Ghost in the Shell, Masamune Shirow.

The original illustration is quite appealing, although I would like to inspect the figure’s face a bit more closely as it seems a bit off in the official promo shots.

That’ll be the end of the bishoujo figure coverage from WonHobi 9. There may not have been as many new figure announcements as one might have hoped for, but there was still a good number of beautiful figures for fans like us to ogle over.

Some photos of the event area for the curious:


A gigantic mob of Akiba denizens assaulting the UDX building early in the day.


A pair of itasha, plus a a photo stand cut-out of Hatsune Miku that we saw one brave attendee posing in our Figma / Nendo report.


A close-up of the itasha.


A Nendoroid Fine Art gallery.

Note the recreation of “The Last Supper” by da Vinci in the bottom center!


A nighttime shot of the Akihabara UDX building, site to many such otaku events like WonHobi and the upcoming Macross anniversary event.

See more of these photos at Hobby Stock’s Reports page, Akiba Hobby, AZURE Toy-Box and HK-DMZ Plus.

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