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Akiba Anti-Valentine’s Day Event Supports Ronery Otaku


Otaku are being supported in their battle against what they see as the unfounded bias against relationships with 2D characters, exemplified by the glamourisation of relationships with real women visible in events such as Valentine’s Day, by a not unlikely ally: top doujinshi retailer Mandarake has devoted its flaghip Akiba store’s famed show window to an exhibition of all the best 2D wives an otaku could hope to collect.

The event, branded “an Anti-Valentine’s smoke signal”, unsurprisingly opened on the day of the chocolate marketing event itself, the 14th, but is set to continue until the 27th of February, so lovelorn otaku will yet have time to attend.


The exhibition itself takes place in the first floor show window of the “Mandarake Complex“, a store which offers everything a ronery maniac could wish for, from dolls to doujinshi, spread across no less than eight floors. Those attending can expect to raise their power levels to notorious levels by the mere act of their pilgrimage, although buying a harem would obviously help.

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