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Rei Ayanami Ita-Ramen On Sale


The seemingly immortal Evangelion franchise is producing  another bizarre product: Evangelion-themed packages of instant garlic ramen, decorated with images of Rei Ayanami and AT-field shaped fishcake toppings.

The flavor of the dish must be good, as apparently it is “Rei orderded”.

The merchandising blurbs read thusly:

A brand new implementation of a full-original idea! The perfect return of Rei’s requested Ramen.

  • Design purely focused on “Eva taste”.
  • Original AT-field naruto* inside.
  • “Lance of Longinus” seals on the lid.

*A naruto is the swirled fishcake topping often put into ramen dishes, also called kamaboko.

The ita-ramen can be ordered domestically in Japan from stores like AmiAmi, which is selling packs of 20 for a rather costly ¥5,250.

Information on whether or not this is the only design featured on all the ramen packages, or if there are alternate ones is not given, but I for one would also enjoy Asuka decorated bowls so I could choose between the two depending on my mood…

See also the latest in ita-curries if eating non-moe food is really so objectionable to you…

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