Negima Ala Alba OAD 2nd Season Due


The earlier speculation by fans concerning a new Negima! series turned out to be slightly off, as the series will not be on TV, but rather 2nd season continuation to the popular Ala Alba OVA series.

The official announcement is on the Ala Alba official website, the key points are translated below:

In answer to the expectations of fans of Negima who want to see more of the anime, a 2nd season of the OAD has been announced!

The 2nd season of the OAD will include 4 episodes. The series will begin after Summer 2009 and will be published sequentially (with tankoubon releases). As with the 1st season, it will go on sale along with first-time limited edition tankoubon.

As for a major point of concern, the series will continue right after the end of Shiroki Tsubasa Ala Alba! In other words, right into “Mahou Sekai-hen” (Magic World Chapter)!
This will be an invitation to battles, sexiness and a new Negima world!

The production will once again be handled by Shaft, and the series will retain the same director and character designer as the first season.

Ken Akamatsu will be continuing his work as general producer of the series, something that must be excellent news for Negima fans.

The OAD itself has been attracting attention for a variety of reasons

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