“Master-jiji” (83) Gives Schoolboys Onanism Classes


An 83-year-old man has been arrested after he offered a group of schoolboys classes in the finer points of onanism. He had also apparently been offering impromptu instruction, by way of exposing himself to the school’s younger students, on a charitable basis for a number of years…


The man’s educational efforts ended abruptly when he pulled up alongside a group of six 15-year-old middle schoolers on a country road in his truck, challenging them thus: “This is masturbation; you lot show me yours. I’ll give you ¥100.”

Whilst offering this and similar incentives, he exposed the lower half of his body to the lads.

The boys, in as fine an argument for allowing children mobile phones as one could ask for, promptly drew their phones and began photographing the man’s face, and then summoned police.

After his arrest for public indecency, the man, a farmer, excused himself variously as “I just wanted to take a leak” and “It’s all linked to sex education.”

For the past five or six years, young children in the vicinity had been reporting that an old man would exhibit himself to them from time to time. Amongst the children, he was called “Master-Jiji” (jiji – old codger).

Via Sankei.

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