Kadokawa: No Haruhi-chan For You, Idiots!


Fans hoping to see the scheduled broadcast of Haruhi parody anime Haruhi-chan tuned in eagerly to their YouTube channel today, but were instead greeted with a 46 second “nice boat” video announcing that the video had not materialised, and nothing more.

The video accrued 165,000 views in the hours after it was upped, along with 2,000 incredulous comments and a two-star rating. You can view it here.

Efforts are currently underway to have it removed for copyright infringement (the yacht pictures).

It is not clear whether this is another of their wretched stunts, a genuine delay which they decided not to announce, or something else, but whatever the case it seals Kadokawa’s reputation as a band of untrustworthy trolls whose marketing department’s objective appears to be to grind the Haruhi franchise into dust.

Wouldn’t it be better to just not patronise such an abominable company?

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