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Bishoujo & Nekomimi Figures Most Hated by Women


The below chart is taken from a TV program which conducted a survey of commoner females, in order to discover which types of otaku paraphernalia they found most objectionable when visiting a man’s room; as you can see, any figure fans seem set to enjoy a lifetime of celibacy…


The number of surveyed ladies who indicated they would be put off by the presence of the goods is indicated below:

Any figure is NG: 4

Star Wars: 8

Lupin III: 22

Gundam: 47

Eva: 91

Animal characters: 92

Bishoujo characters: 100

“Animal characters”ย  apparently refers to nekomimi and similar

Moe figure fans had better be prepared to remove their collections from view if they ever hope to make a favourable impression on a commoner female, though in more extreme cases this is likely impossible.

Of course, the level of interest displayed in such figures probably corresponds inversely to the probability of a lady visiting the room in question, so perhaps it is not such a big issue?

See also the most loathed clothing fetishes and the most haeted otaku types for more evidence that otaku proclivities cannot be hereditary…

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