Schoolgirl Urine Trader Busted


A 30-year-old man has been arrested for handing out leaflets on a roadside to schoolgirls, in an attempt to buy the urine of female high school students. He was apparently carrying a conical flask and a Tupperware box at the time.

The solicitation was considered a violation of youth protection laws and the suspect was promptly transferred to the public prosecutor’s office where he gave the following testimony:

“It’s a hobby of mine. Last year, I distributed the leaflets to about 30 people. It’s something pretty, thin girls have an interest in.”

Upon further investigation, it was discovered he had gotten the idea during July of last year after hearing a conversation between two female high school students near his house.

“How do you make extra money?”

“I’m selling my urine, it goes for a high price.”

Students reported the man to the teaching staff at their school who then contacted the police. The suspect had printed his address and cellphone number on the leaflets he was handing out, and thus the authorities had no difficulty locating him.

The leaflets themselves had been printed out on the suspect’s own home computer and advertised the fact that he was buying bodily fluids and underwear, amongst other things, with prices ranging from ¥2,000~¥4,000.

He was said to be interested in extracting the merchandise on the spot, and so was walking around with conical flasks and Tupperware dishes.

Via Itai News.

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