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Card Captor Sakura Blu-ray: Massive Improvements


Several in-store displays have been showing off the substantial visual improvements in the upcoming Card Captor Sakura Blu-ray release for some time now, but these new photos, in substantially higher size and quality, give a much better representation of how much better the shoujo classic now appears.

These are photos taken of a store display at Soft1 in Chiyoda:

New BD video is on the left in all photos, marked “HD”







A good comparison surely cannot be made from the rather crude method of snapping photos of of a TV display, but the sheer amount of difference visible in the new HD master shows excellent promise for the upcoming release.

Also, yes – I know that only decent comparison images would be PNG files with resolutions rivaling the size of small buildings. Forgive me.

I perhaps should be glad to own only a few of the soon to be obsoleted DVDs, but as the BD release will only be sold in two boxsets, the first for ¥62,000 (or here)and the second for ¥38,000 (or here), I likely won’t be able to upgrade my collection immediately upon their release in March…

Photos via Akiba Hobby.

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