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Strip Kyou Fujibayashi Nude on Nico!


The creator of this semi-interactive Nico video must have a wry understanding of the otaku mind, as his video gives the viewer the tantalizing prospect of stripping Clannad’s Kyou of her clothing to reveal the luscious KyoAni-schoolgirl flesh hidden underneath, but only if his onscreen instructions are followed correctly.

Instructions (and the video) are below…


For best results, I recommend playing the video from beginning to end normally, to see what occurs if the instructions are not followed.

Start again from the beginning by dragging the progress bar back to the start (you might need to hit the play button again), but this time pause the video once the “pause” vertical bars symbol appears in the middle left of the screen, and wait.

Once the fruit of your labors is apparent, and Kyou is closer to being nude, unpause and resume the video. Soon, the “pause” symbol will appear again. Pause the video, and wait.

Once your patience has been rewarded, resume the video and wait for the third, and final “pause” symbol to appear. Pause the video for the final time, and sit back to enjoy the climax.

If you are not satisfied with the ending, I would recommend you to ゆっくりしていってね!

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