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Police Arrest Man for Not Paying Schoolgirl Prostitute $750


An unemployed man desperate for schoolgirl sex has been arrested after he pulled a fast one on a schoolgirl, passing her an envelope full of flyers instead of the $750 agreed.

Claiming “I was tricked!”, the young strumpet reported him to police for non-payment after having sex with him unawares of the deficient payment, and police threw the book at the cheeky man.

Meeting her in a park, the man (24) passed the young prostitute (17 – actually an unemployed school dropout), whom he became acquainted with on a mobile phone dating site, what she believed to be her exorbitant fee of ¥70,000 in an envelope, and the pair had sex there and then.

However, he had in fact stuffed the envelope not with bills but with worthless chirashi (flyers), outraging the girl, who then went to enlist police help, claiming “I was tricked”.

An arrest soon followed, with the hapless john being charged with child prostitution related offences. He mourned his arrest thus: “I wanted to get close to a younger girl. I didn’t have the money so I just stuffed paper in the envelope”.

The girl of course faces no charges, although it seems unlikely she will get her money.

Via Itai News.

Cases such as this certainly suggest that it is very naïve indeed to consider these young prostitutes as blameless victims; punishing them as well as their patron might go some way to actually curbing the practice, if that is indeed what is desired…

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