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Kaori Kanzaki Kotobukiya Figure


The third and latest figure from Kotobukiya based on A Certain Magical Index was released a few days ago, and quality review photos have since surfaced online, showing the shapely swordswoman Kaori Kanzaki in excellent detail.

This latest figure is the third out of four announced Index figures from Kotobukiya, coming nearly 4 months after the release of the previous defrockable Index moe figure.

This 神裂火織 / Kaori Kanzaki figure comes in 1/8 PVC and is from prolific manufacturer Kotobukiya.

Being a figure in what is nowadays considered the moderate ¥6,000-¥7,000 range, this figure, like the other Index figures from Kotobukiya, falls somewhere in the middle of the figure market where one expects a distinct amount of improvement relative to the cheap under ¥5,000 range, but not quite up to the level of higher end figures like the Griffon Goth Loli Haruhi trio.

Still, like the previous Index figures, the results are fairly impressive…



They’ve given Kaori the sort of prehensile anime hair design that I’ve always found quite appealing, plus she gets a more elaborate base to stand on compared to earlier Koto Index figures’ plainer ones.



Her one-legged skintight jeans / cowboy boots design comes off rather well…



The face is plain, but sufficiently well-done.


Again, I quite like this sort of hair design, and the sculpt here looks quite nice.


Kaori’s main assets are given good attention.


Her curves further down are also nice…

Her nodachi is, once again, plain looking but serviceable.




Kaori’s base looks fairly good, and didn’t come off as fake-looking as chunks of stone sometimes do for figure bases.


Another nice angle!

Overall this Kaori Kanzai figure is a fairly good piece (especially for its price), and if I was to try to be as objective as possible I would rate this the overall best of the Kotobukiya Index figures, ahead of Index herself (which gets credit for cast-offability) and then Mikoto (mostly because of the blue hand-held lightning that looks somewhat cartoonish to me).

The Kaori Kotobukiya figure is still available at online stores for around ¥6,500.

See the rest of the review photos at Akiba Hobby.

The next Index figure, and as far as I know the last to be announced, will be this Kuroko Shirai that doesn’t seem like it’ll surpass any of the previous figures, but still looks quite cute; the inevitable cosplay figures still look to be a ways off…


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