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Hatsune Miku Ita-Tank


This interesting ita-tank, decorated with Hatsune Miku decals, painted in her trademark blue and even given a negi colored gun barrel was seen recently at an Osaka hobby shop, where it fits in quite nicely with all the other WWII era war machines besides it.

The store is the Volks’ Hobby Square Osaka. In addition to their Dollfies, Volks does also have an extensive range of garage kits, mecha and military model kits.


The decals used are actually from an inexpensive decal set (Amazon; Japan only for some reason) based on the illustrations from the Miku Super GT ita racing car.




Over a decade ago I had a minor interest in military history (before my otaku hobbies completely swallowed up the last bits of normalcy I had remaining), so I hazard a guess as to the identity of the tank.

The wheel configuration obviously makes it a German second-generation tank (Panther, Tiger I or Tiger II), but the gun mount is definitely rules out the Panther. The hull is too squared to be a Tiger II, but it still doesn’t resemble a Tiger I very much. Perhaps it was a combination of two tank model kits?


The Tora no Ana store in Akihabara also has this slightly less authentic Miku ita-tank on display. I won’t be guessing as to the make / model of this particular tank.

Via Senaka Blog.

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