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Gundam Ethnic Cleansing


From the first episode of Gundam SEED. Probably about the most innocent motive we can ascribe is that dark colouring was avoided for aesthetic reasons.

Perhaps more curious than the choice of material for the basis of the shot, the decision to recolour the characters, and the inability of animators to draw a small band without a photographic reference, is how anyone actually found the source image… Truly the image analysis powers of 2ch are impressive.

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  • 盗作だ、人種差別だ、とか騒ぐ前に

  • ShadePenumbra says:

    LoadPlugin(“C:\Program files\AviSynth 2.5\Plugins\MichaelJackson.dll”)
    LoadPlugin(“C:\Program files\AviSynth 2.5\Plugins\El Mariachi.dll”)
    LoadPlugin(“C:\Program files\AviSynth 2.5\Plugins\Don Quijote el Otaku.dll”)

    ImageSource(“C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\my stolen images\thirdworldmusic.jpg”,0, 90, 29.97)

    #For Vitiligio mode use 2

    #Women should not overshadow “el macho”, use order=1,mode=1,1,1

    #if Don Quijote had been a otaku, It might have a different view of reality(delusion)

    # For more filters visit

  • Meh, all I know is that Kyoto Animation does this constantly with their shows. The entire Enoz concert is lifted from some real life concert so yeah, I guess animators like photographic references for bands.

    Another example is the intro to Legend of Black Heaven (not by Kyoani mind you) which is just a rotoscope of a John Sykes concert with the Black Heaven characters laid over it.

    • In fact as I recall, you posted it:

      Funny how this one got the tag plagiarism added on but that one didn’t and you also encouraged people to ask the question “tribute, parody, or rip-off?” in Haruhi’s case, while in this case you just went ahead and commented on the inability of the animators to draw a scene without reference and tried to sell it up as racism. What about Haruhi’s case turning Japanese into whiter skinned characters, is that racism or did that get an exemption? Why the polarized reactions when the scenario is practically identical Artefact?

        • I don’t consider it anything – I never said it was outright plagiarism, and in the previous case I presented it as a question. Tags are just there for grouping similar posts, they are not an editorial judgment.

          I was more interested in how 2ch found it….

        • So then completely rotoscoping almost an entire scene from a copyrighted work like Linda Linda Linda is a tribute and without question not plagiarism, but tracing an image of people in a public setting from a magazine (which should be fair use anyway since as I said it’s people in a public setting and not a copyrighted image…..only Disney Land gets away with calling that copyright infringement) is instantly considered plagiarism, racism and laziness instead of an influence?

          Never mind that there are still singular images in the screen cap comparisons you posted in that past comparison anyway and that there are yet even more still image comparisons floating around the net that show where real life images were traced over to create the neighbourhood setting for Haruhi.

          What I want to know though is simply why you consider one case a possible influence and this one as flat-out no questions asked plagiarism?

  • Anon Onanism says:

    Putting all xenophobic & racist insinuations aside so as to not unintentionally injure the oft misplaced national pride of any lurking Japaophiles or Weaboos (or any actual honest to god Nipponjin for that matter), I don’t quite get why so many people are spouting off about the almost god-like, omnipresent lurking power of the 2ch crowd. I’m sure they manage to stroke themselves quite breathless without needing a bunch of Anon-trolls hanging off their pitiably undersized e-wangs as well.
    Sure 2ch may in fact be a giant sweaty, rice-powered, writhing mass of virgin ani-nerd deductive reasoning & fat-roll-mold cultivation, but I don’t suppose any of you esteemed shoukun may have perchance considered that maybe, just maybe, a few of the heavies working in the animation studios (who would of course have direct knowledge and access to exactly what photo stills were used as reference material) are also of the, oh let’s say, otaku persuasion (a simple assumption given their chosen profession) & occasionally enjoy a little online Anon onanism by posting seemingly “impossible” finds like this on ni-chan for other otaku-kei mouth breathers to marvel over while wanking it to their Bobobo-bo Bo-bobo figma collection?… kamo??

    tl;dr 2ch superpowers = bored animation studio interns + anonymous e-peen stroking &troll


    • Like mentioned above, it is highly unlikely that actual ink was used here.

      Something I personally noticed, and an issue you have with drawn art and animation, is that characters and (sometimes) landscapes, even when painted in very vibrant colors, are in fact reduces to something quite simplistic.

      Madarame laid that out quite well in Genshiken.

      One issue that artists that draw this stuff face is usually that dark (‘black’) skintones carry a lot of visual weight. When the remainder of the art is drawn in a way that compensates, this is of little issue, but on simplified anime or drawings you’ll suddenly find yourself constantly staring at the black guy. Which, depending on the situation, might distract and/or not bring the message across that the artist wants to bring across or whatever.

    • The only way I could find that conceivable is the paint used is more expensive… Though in my experience most paint, no matter the color, is almost always the same price.
      As an ex-animation student I’ve never heard of that before but it’s an interesting hypothesis.

  • Looking over this and also as a african american I would’ve probably gotten upset but if you really look at the photo they alienate also a asian man and made him caucasian. So honestly this photo is just to stir trouble -.-!

  • EVEN IF they did lack imagination or whatever you may call it, its still has its unique aspects since not all parts of the image were used… I for one respect their intellectual capabilities in creating this kind of images…


    • Why does Anime fail?

      It’s a common fact, that japanese are somewhat xenophobic when it comes to “black people”. And if they are shown in anime then mostly as evil villains or in minor roles.

      And as opposed to the US, they even don’t have that law in place, that forces them to show “blacks” as part of the cast in their animes/cartoons at all. ^^

      • The question isn’t “Why does Anime fail?”, but rather “Why does Anime consist of win?”. And the answer was made clear in that article. To be allowed to be xenophobic is really great. Americans aren’t allowed to. Too much bad press in recent history. Besides, as far as I know, America combines a lot of cultures, so being xenophobic would be kinda like saying, that part of the own country sucks. (Which would certainly be true, as in every country some parts sucks, but I think I’ve made my point clear.)

        • Woahh.. that was the longest comment I got to see on this site ever. And stop being serious while writing to strangers on the internet xD

          Prejudice is fine with me, as long as you obey the rules. Everything is fine with me, as long as one obeys the rules. Besides, every human has prejudice against something. And if it is just that some don’t want to eat squids in a restaurant because squid looks funny. (But squids are yummy!)

          Did I ever claim to have knowledge about genetics? I just see a white and a black father a black or merely a ‘not-white’ baby for sure. And since blacks are not really black, I call everyone who is not really white a black. Another prejudice on my behalf. (Wouldn’t guess how many white are in fact looking black.)

          But wait a moment. History of the USA? I was awake in that lesson. Indians never lived on that continent. As far as I know that was just a mistake Columbus made. Than there was this thing about importing black slaves from africa to the ‘new world’. But the people who lived in the ‘new world’ before foreigners kind of conquered it, were most definitely black too. (Or brown. Or simply not white. Who cares..)

          And don’t worry. Chances are extremely low that I will see a mexican in my life. Your mistake for assuming that I’m from America. Well, I’m not from an english speaking country for that matter. And I’m not incredibly stupid, I just have a few issues with the language. (Don’t know if what I write is actually what I mean. For starters I am not so sure about the meaning of xenophobia in english. So you might have a point and I was unwittingly wrong.)

          But even that don’t matters. Again. Don’t be serious about strangers on the net. It’s funny, but most likely stupid.

        • They are in the same category. Looking back are you going to tell the Irish, Chinese, and the Mexicans sufferings were any different? The second Klan in the US rose partially in response to immigrants. There are different degrees of xenophobia (just as with any form of bigotry), some merely want foreigners out of their country while others take more extreme methods such as shooting Mexicans that cross the border. For example in the US, some WASPs want Mexicans out because they feel Mexicans are stealing their jobs. This however is lack of knowledge of the complexity of the US economy (and really just the economy and economics in general) and them just being lazy douchebags because they don’t want to work for lower wages. Once again there is not a logical reason behind this. Wtf is wrong about having a little prejudice is that you’re still a dumbass even if you don’t act on it. Atleast the people carrying out the violence are acting on their beliefs(I still think they’re amazingly stupid but w/e). There is no logical reason for prejudice or bigotry in general.

          Well again that’s your own problem but trying to justify it by saying it’s ok is not. Saying you have a problem is world’s different than saying you have a problem and just don’t care.

          Um wtf, you’re last two paragraphs show you have no knowledge about genetics. This is also a bs reason to be afraid of black but if it works for yourself, then fine. You don’t even know the history of the United States which was controlled by Indians and not blacks(although if you go way way back to the first humans but they sure as hell weren’t living in the USA) . First off chances are Mexicans or HIspanics really are going to be in control by 2050, definitely whites are going to be a minority by then. So if you don’t like seeing the occasional Mexican, then you better GTFO. As for blacks due to the stupid Colonists and the British bringing them over(actually one could say that many came from the Carribean and the Sugarcane factories over there but eh) they’re going to be sticking around, who knows maybe one might be the president of the USA.

        • Xenophobia and racism are two different things. First is against people who are not born in your country and the second is against other races. The major difference would be, that racists gang up on people who live in the neighbourhood, while people who are xenophobic merely don’t like people outside of their reach. So being xenophobic is all right with me. It’s like having prejudice and whats wrong with having a little prejudice? As long as you don’t bother anyone with it, like in beating the sh*t out of those who you dislike..

          But telling the truth, personally I have neither something against other races nor do I have a problem with foreigners. I just happen to not be fond of black people and I don’t really know why. Never made any bad experience with one of them..

          I believe it’s the thing about one black and a white will father a black baby for sure. The chances aren’t 50:50 and thats what is worrying me..

          Meaning America will probably consist eventually entirely of black people. (Like it used to be, but that’s besides the point.)

      • Smiling MAgician says:

        dude, what’s with the “quotation marks”. you’re allowed to call black people black. yeah they’re brown but so are south asians, so calling them brown would get confusing. plus white people arent white, they’re kinda paley yellow/pink