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Persona PSP Remake Announced


The original Persona, released in 1996 for the PS1, is due for a PSP remake; fans are most excited as it looks to be an impressive improvement over the original, and of course it marks the beginning of the series.

The game is due soon, hitting shops April 29th, priced ¥5,229.

You can see the trailer below:

As you can see, it has an old-school first person dungeon crawl mechanic, along with isometric combat and distinctly retro character designs (all retained from the original). The Persona series remains as visually distinctive as ever, then.


Via Itai News.

This may be the first chance, assuming it is released outside Japan, for an international audience to properly enjoy this title, as the localised version released in America was notoriously butchered to localise rather than translate; the market’s tastes have clearly changed to preclude this style of release since.

Certainly, this has all the signs of a promising remake, but let us hope Atlus start providing products for more advanced consoles soon; the prospect of a new Persona game on an older platform seems unlikely, but remakes of the other Shin Megami Tensei titles (especially Nocturne) on a portable platform would be a waste…

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