Newtype’s Shocking Haruhi Announcement Unveiled


Anime rag Newtype’s announced announcement is finally with us, arriving slightly early, and it is sure to shock such expectant fans as still remain after Kadokawa’s marketing abuses.

The rag breathlessly explains that the long awaited repeat of Haruhi season one will commence in April; fans will doubtless be delighted to hear that they will once again be able to watch the show on TV, only a few years after it originally aired.

They are even kind enough to provide important details of the production of the first anime, in case it proved hard to remember from so long ago.

Fans will be glad to hear Newtype devoted its carefully ambiguous cover and TV advertising to this important news, as there is no new information regarding the second season at all.

There will be no back-to-back broadcasts or otherwise, and Kadokawa have gone so far as to categorically deny announcing anything at all relating to the second series, which now appears to be on the same timely release schedule as Duke Nukem Forever.


What they do mention is that music anime K-On! will indeed be produced by Kyoto Animation, just as we heard previously, albeit unofficially.


The Disappearance of Suzumiya Haruhi indeed… For those who remain, it is time to move on and leave this franchise to die.

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