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Toradora Ending


Tsundere light novel series Toradora! is confirmed as concluding in the tenth volume, to be released March; this is thought to coincide neatly with the ending of the anime, for an ending many are already praising for its discipline in refraining from becoming a long and drawn out franchise more interested in merchandising than in coherent narrative.

Of course whether the ending will be any good or not is another matter…

As the anime has reached volume seven of the light novel series, this leaves three volumes to be covered in six episodes, which seems unambiguously to leave no room for a second season or otherwise (unless rather flagrant liberties were taken with the plot).

In fact the anime attracted attention from the start for the rate at which it consumed the original work; in retrospect it would appear this was a deliberate choice based on coordination between the production staff and the author, an arrangement some might like to see more often.

Many fans seem quite satisfied that both works have taken the decision to end cleanly and with finality, though there is the expectation of spin-off works. What will become of the manga edition, or how the game will fit in, is not clear.


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