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Giant Rin Kokonoe FREEing Figure Disrobed


Our first post on the giant 1/4 Rin Kokonoe figure from FREEing seems to have been too hasty, as excellent quality photos of the not-loli series Kodomo no Jikan’s star shown bereft of her cloth gym uniform appeared online shortly afterwards.

These images (shown below) will doubtlessly not only interest fans of Rin, as they offer a glimpse of what FREEing’s upcoming giant 1/4 Konata Izumi figure will have on underneath her own cotton clothing…

The details of the figure were covered in our first post, so I will spare you them here.

Instead, join me in enjoying the spectacle of 4th grader Rin being stripped bare of her gym uniform in a decidedly chaste and completely innocent manner, as Kodomo no Jikan is a not-loli series, so sayeth Amazon.

These excellent images come via CUT A NEWS.




As you can see, FREEing’s oversized figures are given clothen outfits to wear, which of course allows for the enticing possibility of slowly stripping them off as one would real clothing…


Rin has detailed pantsu underneath her uniform, as FREEing luckily predicted the insatiable desire to explore a figure such as this.


In any case, we now have another 4 months left to ponder over whether or not the 1/4 Konata Izumi will also share the Rin figure’s attention to detail…

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