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Fate/stay Night Ita-iPod


The new Fate/stay night Digital Player ~聖櫃(Holy ARK)~ iPod is something sure to cause much envy among Fate fans, coming with 8 swappable coverplates, laser etching, 2 customized protective holders to store it in and a bevy of the series’ music along with exclusive artwork preloaded on the 80GB hard drive, all for the low price of ¥56,800 ($630).

The perfect accompaniment to the Fate Testarossa PSP?

The iPod comes from CharaAni, a large supplier of many otaku goods such as oppai mouse pads, tapestries and dakimakura.


This display is from the Sofmap Amusement store in Akihabara.


The Saber protective coverplate, one of 8 different types included with the iPod.


One of the 2 set of holders, both including a convenient hole to allow actual usage of the device.


A close-up of 2 of the alternate coverplates.

Rin‘s does look quite appealing…



The back of the iPod receives this laser etched logo.

The iPod’s 80GB HD also comes preloaded with all of the songs heard on the TV show, the 8 character image songs (even Archer’s), textless versions of both OPs and ED, illustration galleries, plus an exclusive “Fate/stay tune”  short featuring Saber and Rin’s seiyuu.

Store display images via Akiba Blog.

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