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Nekomimi Nagi Figure Released


The first entry in Kotobukiya’s trio of Kannagi figures, Nagi-sama in nekomimi cosplay, has just been released. As always, the main difference between the pre-release official photos and the review photos shown below is that the latter is much less shy in exploring the figure’s important bits.

See our earlier coverage on the Nagi-sama / Zange-chan figures here, or perhaps the oft ignored Tsugumi’s inumimi figure here



The hair seams required for the swappable faces (like a Figma‘s) always look a bit jarring when looked at head-on in a full size figure.



Artefact expressed his concern over the default face’s likeness to the actual Nagi – from a further view it looks good enough, but I do also think the face is off when inspected closely…


Her alternate, pouty face does fare better, and is actually is the same expression from the source illustration (see below).


Nagi’s peculiar hairstyle makes this figure’s hair come out somewhat strangely.


The actual sculpt on the back of the hair (probably not the intended viewing angle for most buyers) is not very high in quality, but acceptable for a figure in the ¥6,000 price range.


Authentic petanko.


Creases in a mizugi or other tight-fitting clothes on a figure are strangely appealing to me…


A nice low angle shot of Nagi


Nagi-sama pantsu.


The original source illustration for all three of the Kotobukiya figures.

The Kotobukiya Nagi is overall a fairly well done figure for its price, although I do believe the Zange-chan one to the best of the set, and would rate the Tsugumi figure as my personal second favorite over the Nagi.

My original concern with the Nagi figure was that I did not appreciate the rough texture on her nekomimi cosplay too much, but that’s more a matter of personal taste than anything.

Unfortunately for interested buyers that hadn’t pre-ordered this figure (as I did months ago), most of the bigger online stores have long since sold out, so some search engine exploration might be needed.

See the rest of the review photos at Akiba Hobby.

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