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Nagi the Wooden Idol: Chainsaw Master’s Nagi & Miku


This interesting Nico video shows a mysterious man in a hockey mask carving (chainsawing ?) a wooden replica of Kannagi’s Nagi-sama, or more specifically the wooden statute Jin carved of the second-hand goddess from which she sprang back to life.

Not content with just one statue, the masked creator went on to make a second idol of Nagi, and last of all sculpted what might very well be his masterwork, a leek-bearing likeness of beloved Vocaloid virtual idol Hatsune Miku.

He calls these creations “Mokkoroids”, from Mokkou, meaning wooden (nendo means clay).

I don’t believe Jin actually used a chainsaw in the original carving of a piece of Nagi’s sacred tree, but perhaps the lack of a precision tool makes it all the more impressive to behold?

In a follow-up to the above video, the masked creator, despairing that the goddess did not come forth, went on to make another statue of Nagi the following week, this time in her more usual appearance but with a rather disturbing look on her face…

Another fine display of the artist’s skill, although some may be put off by Nagi’s gargoyle-like expression. Finished with his Nagi sculptures (and perhaps disappointed that neither came to life as in the show), the artist uploaded the following video earlier this week, displaying his creation of a truly moe Miku statue…

Very impressive – just imagine what he could do if given actual carving tools!

This was another find from the Sankaku forums, which is becoming more and more a great source of interesting news and images. Credit for this find goes to Anonymous.

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