“Dream of the Red Chamber” Chinese Eroge is Quality


A visual novel adaptation of one of the Four Great Classical Novels of Chinese literature, the Dream of the Red Chamber, made by Chinese and in the Chinese language, looks to be a work of considerable quality, as the CG presented below readily attest.


The Romance of the Three Kingdoms, another of the four classics, upon which numerous anime styled works are based, is a acknowledged as a superb work of Chinese literature, but the Dream of the Red Chamber (η΄…ζ₯Όε€’ / Kouroumu in Japanese) is usually taken as being the very pinnacle of such novels, taking as its subject matter the rise and fall of great aristocratic houses in 18th century Imperial China.

With hundreds of characters, many of them female, it is not an unnatural choice for such an adaptation. The game is still under development, but as you can see from the sample art released, it seems to be of very great quality indeed.


The only area which is unclear is the degree to which this will be a visual novel as opposed to eroge, but in either case it seems to be a work of great artistic merit.

Maker Gamebridge’s homepage.

The good source.

Having seen some of the less than original works to come from China in recent years, seeing efforts such as this bear fruit is very encouraging indeed.

Hopefully, it will prove to be the start of a trend, as China may be able to develop its own cultural complex complementary to that of Japan.

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