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Bug Days: Cross Days Delayed Two Months


School/Summer Days sequel Cross Days has been subjected to a significant postponement, of no less than two months, which surely signifies the title is shaping up to be a disaster as with previous titles.

The previous release date was February 27th, which has been pushed back to April 24th. Their announcement only gives “making a better product” as reason, so it looks as though developer Overflow’s complete inability to program is as enduring as their crazed yandere heroines.

For those who do not recall, the previous title, Summer Days, received 2.3GB patches and still remained unplayable; they were actually forced to issue a recall. Even their flagship product, School Days, adapted into an anime, received 11 patches.

Oddly, they only announced a few days ago that the limited edition release sold out completely in the pre-order stages. It would be unkind to suggest they held back the delay announcement until after they finished selling their pre-orders…

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