Comment on “April Haruhi TV Anime” a Rerun: Angry Mobs Form… by tasan:

A bunch of idiots is what you all are. They announced way back when that this was a re-airing of the first season. To expect it to be something else is pathetic. I believe that since it has been so long that they plan to release the old season in order to promote a new season for next year…I could be wrong (and probably am) but this is no reason to be so stupid and blame them for all of your peoples inability to read and research accurately. People have known about this for a couple months already. Uneducated idiots the lot of you.

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  • Sony Puritans: “Sony Check” Worse Than Nintendo:
    Sony worse than Nintendo? How is it that the platform made for adults is being censored more than the platform made for children? It befuddles the mind.

  • PS3 Stops Shipping:
    About time. I bought a PS3 back when they first released it for 600 dollars. I had the money then. I bought DMC for it. I bought it though for a variety of reasons my PS2 had recently been dropped and broken unable to play movies or games so it became worthless. I did not own a dvd player or blue-ray player. I also had some 40+ ps2 and 20 PS1 games that I had either played and liked or had not yet managed to beat. The fact that some of my favorite series are usually only with the playstation …

  • Dance in the Vampire Bund to be Shaft Loli Bondage Anime:
    I like the manga but see nothing but fail in the anime.

  • Equality Now Demands UN Hentai Ban:
    otaku are crazy bastards…and some of them are more than intelligent enough to find a means. We need the 20,000 naked neets. …I’m getting really annoyed with these EN idiots.

  • Loli Strippers Legally Bare All:
    They have nothing to show, it would be just like male strippers…which can actually be hired as young as ten (not 12 to my knowledge) years of age. You don’t ever see anything like that make the media do you? Say what you will but stripping is an art. Artists drew nude paintings all the time and yet we don’t label them as obscene and prevent people from looking at them. A bunch of naked toddler angels is one such painting. Stripping is a type of art as well. As someone who believe the legal …


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