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Check out how pissingly well done a lot of them gender swap Haruhi clips are on UTube! No kid doing photoshop at his bedroom desk redid every frame of those clips to look as good as the real deal like that! Maybe — just maybe those are really legit leaked KyotoAni “Haruhi II” clips teasing fans for a surprise different season! I’m just saying that even though I don’t really believe there’s any season II coming but check this idea out! The outfit that DID do those gender retouched UTube clips would the perfect guys to help create a fan-based Haruhi season II+ anime!! If they’re that good, who needs KyotoAni? And there’s lots of awesome Haruhi fanfics out there for material! All the Haruhi fans whining about KyotoAni screwing them need to get their heads and wallets together and jump on a new boat! Thanox!

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