Comment on “April Haruhi TV Anime” a Rerun: Angry Mobs Form… by Jin Stevens:

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I guess there’s a few people that are mad. ^^

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  • Girls’ Generation Imitator Fail:
    Korean. Was the reference to K-pop not enough?

  • Girls’ Generation Imitator Fail:
    I’m working on a related gallery, but alas my knowledge of the J-pop scene is laughably bad. You can always start your own poll on the forums.

  • Girls’ Generation Imitator Fail:
    I saw that one, but didn’t put it in the article because I thought she was on par with the yellow shirted guy in the first video. There’s a few dozen of those floating around in YouTube; a lot more on sites like Naver and Cyworld.

  • Queen’s Blade Total Yuri Raep Anime:
    I just pulled down a fansubbed episode 3 a few hours ago. It’s not my thing really. It’ll probably go into my drop list.

  • Girls’ Generation Imitator Fail:
    I actually went and looked for it, but sadly Cyworld’s (the original source) search features are atrocious and I wasn’t able to find it.


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