Comment on “April Haruhi TV Anime” a Rerun: Angry Mobs Form… by Tate:

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man what a bunch of assholes. although i somehow knew this is what was going to happen.

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  • Kantai Collection Anime & PSV Launch Soon:
    looking forward to this one. We always need more anthropomorphic WWII ships and planes.

  • Dragon’s Crown “Grossly Sexualized Adolescent Fantasy”:
    I’m a bit a surprised that dragon’s crown is getting so much attention, especially in the west, that some people are even making a fuss over this. Where was this feminist criticism for previous vanilla ware games? Then again, this is a polygon review; so yeah.. carry on friends, there’s nothing else to see here…

  • Top 10 Jump Villains:
    Raoh should probably be on top but close enough, piccolo is ok too i guess.

  • AKB48 “Connected To Yakuza”:
    For some reason I am not really surprised. To me AKB48 as a brand is just a institution that preys on the gullible Japanese otaku, just one of many areas of outlets that the yakuza use for cash income. Once the girls are tainted or are no longer profitable, they are offered a second chance by appearing in AV or as pawns of the organization, luring new recruits and as trophies to high ranking yakuza. Well played yakuza, well played.

  • Neptunia Gets Disturbingly Sexualized Anime…:
    YES! This is great news. Even if the anime will be crap, this is still great news! They have a lot of potential material to work with so it should be at the very least mildly humorous.


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