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Eh, I’m not raging too much. Got plenty of other stuff to watch in the meantime.

That said, I doubt this was a COMPLETE red herring. I find it highly likely that they’ll either:

1. Use this rerun (which will probably be in chronological rather than original airing order) to rev up the hype machine again, and begin airing Disappearance immediately thereafter. Most likely.
2. Give everyone a massive surprise by having the supposed “rerun” actually be Season 2. Very doubtful, and indicative of the marketing department smoking something they really shouldn’t be, but possible.
3. Really, REALLY screw with viewers by staggering the rerun episodes with the new Season 2 ones, which will probably be in non-chronological order themselves. Even more doubtful and suggestive of substance abuse by the marketing department, but remotely possible considering the mindscrew of the first season.

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