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What’s Aya doing then that she can’t talk about

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  • Top 10 Loli Characters:
    I was a child and she was a child, in this kingdom by the sea, but we loved with a love that was more than love, I and my Kokonoe Rin

  • Top 10 Anime to Move You to Tears:
    Showing my age a bit here but: Gunbuster – just watched again last week, always in tears for the final scene Urusei Yatsura Final Chapter same thing with the final scene EF tale of memories – I just watch the phone scene every now and again for a good sniffle But by far the most emotional experience is the Clannad game, much more than the anime as it takes so much longer for the best scenes. They should made made whole series for Kyou and Tomoyo rather than single episodes

  • Top 10 J.C. Staff Anime:
    KimiKiss and Ghosthunt for me

  • Top 10 J.C. Staff Anime:
    also half of each show is stock scenes, what isn’t is great though

  • Top 10 J.C. Staff Anime:
    This is by far my favorite studio but my top shows are not in the top ten, KimiKiss, Ghosthunt, Maze, Mahoraba etc. It all seems to be new shows, the only one I would pick is Toradora


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