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Sumo Champion Asashoryu Xbox 360 Fan


Surprisingly, current yokozuna Asashoryu appears to be an Xbox 360 fan. Some might suggest it is a console befitting his scale and girth.

The writer of the article muses over how tiny the TV is in comparison to the wrestler, and more significantly in comparison to his 200 million yen annual salary, as well as his using cheap composite interconnects, and wonders whether his interest lies in the game Blue Dragon.

He’s not the only wrestler with such proclivities: there was also the case of the erogaming sumo wrestler


For those of you who are unfamiliar with sumo, yokozuna is the highest rank a wrestler can achieve in his division (either west or east).

Asashoryu, a sumo hailing from Mongolia, is famous in the sumo world for garnering an outstanding number of victories.

He was subject to some controversy in the past however, due to feigning injury to participate in a soccer tournament back home. His less conventional personality has also caused some problems, but his nationality has not.

For a detailed biography of his life and career, see here.

Via Hachimaki.

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