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Japan Becoming Bigger


Since October 1st of last year, Japan has seen an increase in its available land. Numerous areas, including Tokyo, Ibaraki and Nagasaki, are growing larger, with Japan’s total land area now reaching 377,943.57 square kilometers (about 10% smaller than California).

The cities most heavily influenced by this were Tokyo and Nagasaki, with an increase of 13.58 and 8.93 square kilometers respectively.

According to the Geographical Survey Institute, the yearly increase in land area is estimated to be around one 25,000th of the total area of the nation.

And the cause of this not so puzzling increase? Polders, dikes, land reclamation, all are helping push back the sea in areas of critically high land value, which happens to be most cities considering Japan is 90% mountainous and thus unsuitable for much building.

This should certainly be good news for those living in the more cramped areas of the country.

Via ZakZak.

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