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Aya Hirano Heads All Star Dragonball Evolution Dub Cast


Much maligned Hollywood Dragonball “remake” Dragonball Evolution, due stateside on the 8th of April, is set to receive a Japanese dub featuring the voice talents of top seiyuu (and comedy idols) such as Aya Hirano, in a move which may give the film some mild otaku appeal, finally.

Aya Hirano herself will be voicing Bulma, pictured above.


Another interesting choice is 小清水 亜美 / Ami Koshimizu (Horo/Kallen/Charlie) as Chi Chi (above). We also see 甲斐田 裕子 / Yuuko Kaida (Shimei) as Mai (below).


Other roles worthy of mention, despite their innate maleness, are 山口 勝平 / Kappei Yamaguchi (InuYasha) as Goku and 大塚 芳忠 / Hōchū Ōtsuka (Jiraiya) as Picolo; the rest are taken up with seiyuu less involved with anime.

Via Newtype Channel.

Non-casual anime viewers seem to be most hostile to the liberties Hollywood has taken with this film.

However, the involvement of Aya Hirano et al may prove problematic; could we witness a perverse situation where anime fans (to say nothing of Aya-maniacs) seek out the fansubbed Japanese dubbed version of the film?

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