Horo Blu-ray vs DTV Comparison


Sage Horo is with us in a special limited edition Blu-ray box set, and to see just how much detail it is now possible to ogle her tail in, 2channers have provided this fine comparison image.

The top is the Blu-ray, below that is the terrestrial digital, below that the “up-convert”, and finally the abominable up-sized standard definition. Obviously you will need to scrutinise this completely expanded.

You can see the 6mb png here.

A little bit of caution is needed in looking at the three below the BD; the artefacts around the labels indicate they have come from a jpg source (though this comparison is saved as a lossless png, and the BD is clearly pristine).

However, you can easily make out the differences in any case. If not, get a bigger monitor: I can say it is night and day on a 27.

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