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Minka the Meido’s Haruhi Dance Mania


A new video from the same maid that so eagerly danced Ranka Lee’s Interstellar Flight in her first amateur dance spectacle returns to the Nico spotlight with her dancing to the tune of Mikuru Asahina‘s image song Miracle Encore, and as a special bonus, the famed Hare Hare Yukai, in convincing Haruhi cosplay.

As before, endless speculation as to the gender of the moesome maid fills much of the comments (which can of course be turned off by pressing the button in the lower right…), but one comment from her first video did succinctly summarize the feelings of many: “I don’t care if it’s a guy!”

The Miracle Encore dance is not as well known as the Hare Hare Yukai, given that until recently it had only been displayed at the Haruhi no Gekisou concert in 2007.

However, the new Haruhi dancing game, Haruhi no Gekidou, does include the dance – you may see it below to compare to Minka’s performance:

We asked a similar question once before, but surely the extra evidence of a whole new video to examine her in warrants repeating it…

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