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Giant 1/4 Rin Kokonoe Figure From FREEing


This new oversized 1/4 figure of not-loli series Kodomo no Jikan‘s Rin Kokonoe from FREEing has just come out, hot on the heels of the release of the new OVA episode.

It comes complete with fabric clothing to complement her large size, similar to the 1/4 Izumi Konata recently announced.

The 1/4 PVC figure, fully named 九重りん 体操服Ver. / Rin Kokonoe Gym Clothes Ver., comes from maker FREEing, who are undoubtedly best known for their beautiful 1/4 Haruhi bunny girl series.

There haven’t been many figures of Rin made – the only other figure of her scheduled for the first half of the year is the Rin Nendoroid from Good Smile coming out in April, although the best depiction of her in PVC is and will likely remain the lovely 1/6 Max Factory figure from 2006.


The most obvious detail is her clothing being made of actual cotton, unlike the somewhat odd PVC clothing found on the infamous 1/1 Rin from CM.


The other detail most likely to be noticed is her face – while there was some confusion earlier given multiple online stores displaying sample images of an older model with a inferior face, this final sale version is much more appealing.





No word yet on what Rin has under her garments, but since Kodomo no Jikan is, as we all know, a purely chaste exploration of childhood innocence, there is likely not much detail to be seen once Rin is disrobed…


The 1/4 FREEing Rin is already released, and is available for around ¥11,000, a rather steep price that should seem more understandable when one considers the 1/4 size.

International customers can pick her up online at stores such as Hobby Search.

See more pictures at Akiba Hobby and Moeyo.

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