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Desteamed Witches: DVD Oppai Onslaught


Loli oppai, as well as more developed characters, gain full exposure in the latest Strike Witches DVD.

In this comparison of the fifth Strike Witches DVD to its TV counterparts, we see firstly that the usual bathing oppai atmospheric clarification continues to be added, and secondly that a wide variety of more subtle changes have been added; in some cases truly impressive attention to detail is displayed.

The DVD caps are displayed on the left, those of the TV on the right:


There is apparently some change in the size of Erica’s breasts? The eyes of 2ch are indeed sharp?

The fifth DVD is available now.

See also the fourth paipan DVD (or the earlier ones) for more such DVD erofication analysis. The details of the ninth and tenth episodes were covered previously: Drama Witches and Steam Witches.

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