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Oppai Quiz: Trap or Flat


This video presents a quiz on whether the breasts pictured in each image belong to a man, or a woman. Naturally, the results may be excruciating to some…

A brief Japanese/Chinese lesson will leave you slightly the wiser as to the language, and much wiser as to the workings of the video:  男 (otoko – comprised of the characters for “rice field” and “power”) means man, 女 (onna – said to be derived from an illustration of a kneeling lady) means woman.

How many did you get right?

I expect some of you will be spluttering incredulously in the comments, so I should explain that the video includes extreme DFC, silicone, hormonally induced mammary growth, special (or merely generous) diets, and natural oddities.

All manner of traps and gender warping, in other words…

Bonus new half video:

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