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Touhou Canned Tea Vending Machine


Combining some of the most tired Japan related memes available, “strange items sold from vending machines – only in Japan!” and “things which shouldn’t be canned but are anyway – crazy Japanese!”, along with moe marketing, this Touhou tea-in-a-can vending machine looks set to become a favourite for desperate Akiba news sites.

The vending machine is currently operational in central Akihabara near all the interesting PC parts shops (right by T-Zone it would appear), so some of you may wish to pay a visit, if only to gawp.

Behold the 東方缶々娘 / Touhou Can Girls:



Reimu promises to heal your innards.


Marisa promises a  “Milky Way”.

Two flavours are offered, green tea and milk tea, both in 190ml “short cans” for ¥150.

Those of you fearing poisonous Chinese tea will be gladdened to hear that Japanese leaves are prominently promised, so you will at least have someone to sue in the event of  a scandal.

Via Akiba PC Hotline.


Google does not reveal the exact machine, but this is near enough.

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