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New Gundam SEED Theatrical Film Due Soon?


The Anime Newtype Channel’s blog reports Gundam SEED head screenwriter Chiaki Morosawa as suggesting there will be an official announcement (on the SEED movie) coming soon at the recent Kadokawa Shoten New Year’s party.

The Gundam SEED storyline, beginning with the 2002 original series and continued by the 2005 Gundam SEED: Destiny sequel, has been in limbo since writer Morosawa’s problems with cancer surfaced in 2008 and the unnamed theatrical film that is said to wrap up the SEED storyline has since been on hiatus.


The writer of Anime Newtype Channel’s blog, professional author Shinya Yamada, spoke of inquiring about the new Gundam SEED movie during a meeting with Chiaki Morosawa (pictured above on the right) but did not offer any details of her response. When pressed by a commentor on the site for more information, he responded:

As a fan myself, I am quite concerned about it (the film) as well.

In any case, it does seem that there will be an announcement coming soon, so please wait a bit longer.

Not a confirmation by any stretch of the imagination, but it at least a sign of Morosawa’s intent to continue writing the SEED series’ final story.

Via Anime Newtype Channel.

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