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Drive-Thru Doesn’t Work Like That: Conbini Car Crash


A young lady who sent her car plowing through the front of a convenience store, injuring one, appears to have escaped any charges, except general ones of incompetence, even after the basic nature of her mistake came to light…

The accident occurred around 4:30PM on the afternoon of the 26th; a female college student (19) crashed her car into a Family Mart, located in Akita.

According to the lady driver’s account, she had tried to stop the car in the parking lot, but in her haste mistook the accelerator for the brakes.

A 48-year old male customer who was in the store at the time suffered minor injuries to his upper face as a result of broken glass sent flying through the air after the vehicle collided with the store. He was quickly rushed to a hospital for treatment.

The driver appears not to have been injured (except perhaps to her pride).

In Japan incidents involving collisions typically hold the larger of the two involved at fault. This does not however, apply to entire convenience stores…

Via ZakZak.

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