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Time Leap Paradise to be Idol Master Eroge


3D adult game Time Leap, released in 2007, is set to have a spring 2009 sequel entitled Time Leap Paradise, which has attracted much attention by way of its similarity to Idol Master in gameplay (the characters will be completely dissimilar).

The game promises the much hankered after prospect of rearing idols and then having sex with them (where Idol Master only allows limited sexual harassment); these idols will be made to dance and attire themselves gaily in proper idol fashion, and as you can see below, the graphics look to be quite reasonable:


Its homepage is here.

In related news, the original Time Leap (opening below) is due a Bowdlerised Xbox 360 version, due sometime in 2009. Its homepage has an interesting video event sample of the original. A trial version resides here.


Via Neko Allergy.

3D eroge are clearly the coming thing

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  • Hah, reminds of Artificial Girl 3 all over again. ‘Cept of course you make your own heroines in that. Could this be another contender in the 3D porn game industry!? Heh, honestly, I don’t know.

  • The only problem I see here is that they are cute and then you combine that with the enhanced interaction over your traditional visual novel and I would feel bad for the terrible things I was doing to them after I got done.

  • This is interesting news. I remember a while before the original Time Leap came out, they released a benchmark tester for it that basically played out like an iDOLM@STER video. You could mess with lighting effects, etc, and it was a neat little demo.

    So imagine my surprise when I learned that the full game was actually nothing like that. I guess NOW they’re delivering on the implied promise of the bootbench. Of course, I’m not trying to suggest that the original was a bad game; on the contrary, in fact. It was pretty enjoyable.

  • As long as you can skip through to singing parts. I’m still a firm believer that eroge is meant for fapping, and I don’t need to be blue balled by questionably choreographed J-Pop in between trying to see some pixelated boobs.

  • taishi tetora says:

    huh? . . . this is for X360????

    there’s no big different than the PC version tough except . . . .there’s a new and make the heroine dance and sing like the im@s did . .
    well. . . im prefer the usual one . . than this ( ;;^^)a
    everyone has their own opinion about their like stuff right? ( ;;^^)a

    *look at the screenshot above <..>

    • I also like the fluidity of the movement. I think what makes it look different from Idolm@ster is the stage. While (from what I’ve seen) Idolm@ster’s stages seem to be concert halls and performance stages, the stages in Time Leap look like amateur settings, which I feel adds to the feeling of an up-and-coming idol.

    • Not only that, the gameplay is usually “$takefemaletoplace” “click button to embrace” “click another button/rapid left click/roll mousewheel to repeated thrusting” then another button click to finish.

      When you have companies like Alicesoft putting out the Beat * * series, and rance series, and people like softhouse chara pumping out games like sudzukuri dragon that eat hours of your time

      Or companies like Eushully who can pump out storylines that would make square weep

      or companies like Kiss, who offer complete customization.

      3d eroge are still in their “Hairmetal” phase, have a long way to go before they can compare to the greats.

      .. on that note, we need more eroge articles on β–², horridly under recognized genre of SLG/RPG out there.

      • The genre of 3D eroge is admittedly problematic at current, but I am thinking more of conventional eroge employing 3D visuals – thus effectively leaping the chasm between ero-anime and CG/manga.

        The point is that 3D visuals already offer comparable quality to anime, but with drastically reduced costs compared to traditional animation, especially in the context of games.

      • like Eien no Aseria or Seinarukana from Xuse? Never got around to play Seinarukana(tried to install it, but didn’t work), but I liked Eien no Aseria.

        any other titles from that genre that you’d recommend? =P

        • Well, as I said, just a suggestion; as I am in a couple of erogaming irc channels, so I’d likely know of releases anyhow, but can’t imagine I’m the only erogamer here, and i’m sure there are plenty of people who would be interested.

          Mayhap a poll on the forums to see what areas people would like to see more of would be a better judge of who wants what?

        • Your site, post content relevant to your interests, just making suggestions πŸ˜›

          As for the language barrier, it’s not much of an issue, sites like hongfire, whose threads often turn into step-by-step gameplay guides

          Or the Alicesoft wiki, which has pretty much explains everything — for BBA, they have a full page that tells every character, how to obtain them, how to get their endings/hscenes, then another with an explanation of all game mechanics and events — and there was talk last night in the irc channel of doing similar for Eushully.

          and I agree, most visual novels are nothing more than.. text and pictures, but games like seinarukana, and stuff by alicesoft/leaf/softhouse chara which are full blown games would prove interesting to more than a few people i’m certain — plus eushully and alice soft both have games coming out in the next month or two.

        • Most eroge simply have no gameplay, sadly. Calling visual novels “games” always struck me as rather odd.

          Dakimakura posts seem a nice way of sharing ecchi art at the same time as news of goods… Perhaps we should serve erogamers better? The difficulty in buying them and the language barrier always struck me as problematic?

        • Seinarukana was LOVE, narukana-sama T_T

          Gameplay-wise, I can’t come up with any off the top of my head that have similar systems

          But genre-wise, Sengoku Rance(which uses a similar, albeit simplified system), and ηŽ‹θ³Š come to mind.

          Other good “more than eroge” games, are anything by Eushully, specially the 戦ε₯³η₯ž series, are RPG’s, and the stories are -amazing-, BG0 has me constantly on the verge of RAGING it was so awesome; Alot of games by softhouse CHARA (the guys who made ηŽ‹θ³Š); also have deep game systems.

          What specifically are you looking for, just SLG, or something with a similar to Seinaru? A huge list came to mind when I Read that, so I only gave some of the more common ones.. but.. >_>;

          and Artefact, no doubt, but gameplay, as it is lacking behind 2d eroge, by far, Megiddo was a HUGE step in fixing that; but it was kind of a failure.

          Just saying we lack eroge posts in comparison to.. well.. dakimakura posts, which is odd considering the number of -great- slg/rpg eroge that have come out recently.