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Resident Evil 5 PS3 vs Xbox 360 Comparison


The long awaited fifth installment in the Resident Evil (or Biohazard as it is known in Japan) series is now less than two months away from it’s worldwide release.

Below are a pair of screenshots comparing the Xbox 360 and Playstation 3 versions:


The 360 version appears to have a rough, abrasive feel.


Whereas the PS3 version has a more smoothed out look.

But whither the superior graphical capability of the PS3?

Regardless of personal preference, the game should prove vital to sales on both consoles as they continue to butt heads.

Via Hachimaki

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  • Lets not forget that the reason were on thisn thread in the first place is because of interest in Resident Evil. It doesnt matter which system you have, play the damn game!!!

    I own both systems, However, ive preordered RE5 for the PS3.
    I wouldnt mind buying it 4 the 360, but i wont be able to play it until i get my system back from microsoft (fixing my 2nd RRoD). the only thing i did wrong was give my money to Micro$oft for a console…oops

    Ok, yes PS3 could be doing better than it is right now, but remember how ps2 was to develop for? Also judging by those standards, we should be seeing games that utilize the full potential of the ps3 by now, and were not seeing this yet.

    But, when it comes to business, money talks….
    360 has more exclusives…

    Why does a system with a 30% failure rate have more exclusives?

    Dont get me wrong, i love to blast the shit out of d-bags with a spartan laser, but, once the warranty runs out, i wont be able to do that unless i buy another console.

    would you continually give atari money for a system you knew was gonna die? SOON?

    i guess, if you want to play this game again in 5 years, buy it for the ps3, cuz chances are, unless you lucky as hell, your 360 will be dead. Thanks M$

    i dont hate the 360, just microsoft empire business domination antics. maybe those ps3 games would look better if M$ money wasnt a factor. Killzone 2 is an EXCLUSIVE. What game on 360 looks like that???

    i am not a fanboy, just a gamer, but flame if you want…

    if you really want to compare graphics sound + gameplay, lets wait for this game to be released on a system that uses hardware that was cheaply available in 2002. im sorry, i meant the wii….theres the real loser (but wow what a spiffy controller?!?!!!)

  • I got the Full Xbox Version in Torrentz( WHere i Live i can’t buy the orginal games so its the only way to play) I suffers from Screen Tearing Which is a bit annoyin when you focus on it !

  • MisterGamerPS3 says:

    I’ll admit the photo [PS3] does look worse than the actual product — at least if the demo is a good indication of what the actual release product will look like. But I WILL admit, the XBOX 360 game does look darn good…I’m not really sure if it looks better..but definately as good.
    My only worry is about the resolution, that chris day guy IS right. CAPCOM told me in a email response that the PS3 version isnt going to support 1080i or 1080p. And when I asked Gamestop they confirmed it by saying the 360 version is the only version with splitscreen co-op and 1080p. I have a 1080p and I’m hoping to god this thing looks better than DMC4(PS3) did on my TV. Here’s praying it looks as good as fallout 3(PS3) does when streched to fit my 1080p. And whats the deal with the 360 version looking asgood as the PS3 version? I though my PS3 was supposed to be better than a 360..thats why I payed, like, $300 more! And why ISNT RE5 1080p on the PS3, but IS on the 360!? and on that note, why dont the PS3 version have splitscreen or system link!? I’m paying the same amount for my PS3 version as I would for a 360 RE5!!!?

  • This is ridiculous!!!! If you are actually believing this load of crap and you own a ps3, please download the RE5 demo and select the public assembly. You will see that this picture is not reality!!! The textures are great and on my HD display looks amazing!!! This is just another attempt by xbox owners to distort the truth!!!!!

  • When it comes to game boxes:

    Resident Evil: Collectors edition (Playstation 3) wins —
    while Resident Evil 5 (XBOX 360) wins out of the regular edition.

    But when it comes to the actual game… now that’s another topic.

    What makes one version of a game better than another? is it contrast? Resolution? Acheivements or Trophies? maybe it’s Frames per/sec or GPU speed? or is it color saturation, lighting or textures? or could it be those exclusive ‘extra mode or options’ developers seem to always neglect telling us that on version has?

    Well, here are some facts some of you may or may not know.

    Resident Evil 5 was originally designed exclusively for the PLAYSTATION 3, but it when Microsoft payed Capcom big bucks they dropped the original rig. So the RE5 you see today was developed in sync on both platforms, such as Fallout 3 or Devil May Cry 4.

    Both games where designed around a 720p format — but only the XBOX 360 version is upscaled to 1080p.

    The Playstation 3 version utilizes a HDD installment that uploads a cache of game data to help it load faster, save better and run the game properly. While the XBOX 360 version lacks this, it uses a faster running DVD drive that can better read the data –plus XBOX 360 owners can Download the whole game onto their HDD’s manually which most likely means their version will actually load and save faster than the PS3’s.

    The texture differences stim from the contrast in Resolutions and the fact that the PS3 utilizes a strong AA filter system that supposedly reduces slowdown due to complications in disc read speeds. Unfortunately regarding the resolution on the XB360 —
    Because of its high-resolution (like many cross-platform games..cough* STARWARS: Force Unleashed cough*) it suffers from screen-tearing when ran
    at a downscaled 720p. Even ran at 1080p, games with this quality or graphics really demand a 120hz HDTV..well technically around 100hz. so Odds are unless you posses a higher end set you’ll have to suffer a bit here.

    On the Downloadable Content front, both versions are scheduled for DLC. but odds are that Microsoft will be treated to some exclusive content due to their financial contributions as of late to them.

    Achievements/Trophies are to be the same on both platforms.

    But here’s something you kiddies may not know: The XBOX 360 version is to feature both a Co-op (shared system), and system-link co-op mode. Unfortunately Playstation 3 owner will never see this feature and will be forced to play online. Sadily if you’re friendless or without broadband, the only way to play this title “BASED ON CO-OP GAMEPLAY” is with a second controller and a XBOX360.

    Now my personal preference is to the GameCube Controller, and I was never a big fan of either Code Veronic X or RE4’s PS2 controller. But I have to say that it’s totally up to the gamer in that department. Both will feature ruble…but unfortunately CAPCOM has said that RE5 will feature little to no SIXAXIS functionality. Probably due to the lack of interest in it or it’s failure to spark interest in the PS3 version of Devil May Cry 4.

    I personally believe like most multi platform games, that the PS3 version will have better textures…but you wouldn’t be able to really see them with the low-res and AA. But like Fallout 3, Lost Planet, and just about every other mulitplatformer, the XBOX 360 version ill feature better lighting while the PS3 version will be washed out a bit.

    I’m not spouting XBOTS everywhere here, I’m just stating the facts. But just in case I’ve pre-ordered both…but I’m certain I’ll be taking home the 360 version that evening.

  • I have both consoles, got demo for both, PS3 was better IMO, mostly for control reasons though. 360 aiming was lot less fluid that PS3’s aiming movement .. why this is the case I have no idea ..

    Don’t use these screen shots, or most other on web screen comparisons for that matter, notice how they’re optimized for web(i.e. they’re about ~35kb), they don’t mean anything, i really think they’re made just so people can do console wars on comment page, lol, I find it entertaining so I’m not complaining or anything

  • It is different graphich specialized by RSX that’s why it called ‘reality synthetizer’. The lighting is matching the real sun in reality when it is phasing the object, that’s why they are in different way of final output. Xbox 360 is the perfect 3d environment in ideal 3d rendering but PS3 is the realism 3d way to match the real life lighting behavior like when phasing human skin object or metal things that’s why they blurr off in some parts.

  • pööpöileväapina says:

    Don’t beleave thease screenshots!!!! I just fired up RE5 to my ps3 and look that same wall (fist pic). And it’s same or eeven better than xbox 360!!! Why somebody try make ps3 low detailed??!!

  • This is actually quite funny.

    The latest PS3 builds have only now caught up to XBox.

    Yes, that’s what I want to hear.

    The new game for my ‘more advanced’ console is only now on par with an ‘inferior’ machine.

    I hope it’s as killer as all the other games on the 360. Maybe finally, we’ll push the ‘avg # of games a PS3 owner owns’ over one or let’s try for two!

  • I believe the difference comes from the fact that PS3 use upscaled graphics, so 480 upscaled to 720 is a bit blurrier, and on xbox 360 its usually true 720p. This however isn’t always a minus, it gives the game a much more warmer feeling to it.

    • wrong again. the 360 is the one that uscales. They arent able to take advantage of True HD due to the lack of the Blu Ray Technology. Once game developers start rendering games in 1080p the only system that will be able to display the true 1080p hd graphics will be the PS3. 260 still uses DVD. it cant give you True HD.

      • What ?!?

        So console games are now just stream from the disk?

        Or was that youe best slap to the 360?

        Visuals are generated by the C/GPU of the console. Blu-Ray/DVD only stores the code to render.

        1080p/720p is done on the box.

        Of course, just to an the flames, PS3 devos are told to render only at 720p to optomize viewing on smaller screens. Something to do with artefacting due to non-whole number screen reduction for small TVs.

        AA helps, but not always.

  • Man its just a game for god sake shit.I wonder u play the game urself or while u playing the game u should let all ppl see wow his game so damn nice graphic or whatsoever zZz come’on all those fan boys just shut the hell up.dont show u fan boy power here and there.if u r unsatisfied with all the graphic and more go and make it u self zZz

  • Oh crap! Another odd comparison of 360vsPS3?

    Please guys, all inteligent people knows that all multiplatform games are optimized to Xbox360, because they program in Xbox 360 and do the port to PS3, and this cause loss of quality on PS3 versions…

  • It’s been said in numerous console wars but my feeling is that both look stunning, and I don’t think there’s a loser here, if there’s even a clear winner. I own the 360 because there’s not enough PS3 exclusives I want the system for, but the fact that it can compare the same game so well (some would say better) to a newer system with higher specs, not to mention double the price, doesn’t have me running out to get a PS3 anytime soon.

  • The xbox textures are too shiny. I never expected a broken down dilapidated wall to shimmer like that. I’ll take blurry over everything that has bump mapping is ridiculously shiny.

    In MGS4 there are both shiny and dull surfaces. So its not that the PS3 can’t do shiny

  • This happens a lot. Usually PS3 has more bloom and 360 has more texture. The odd thing is Cell’s power is mainly theoretical therefore it’s VERY hard to truly get it to achieve it’s potential. I was amazed GTA4 on PS3 wasn’t even Hi def let alone a decent framerate.

    • Ya its going to take them another 2-4 years to code it where it can do better than the 360.

      But frankly with the way games are made now(less content,lulzy MP crap, half lulzy SP content, no polish, little bug testing, high prices) I find the nuances in the consoles, the difference in the ports, how the PR depos cat fight more interesting than just about anything in the 7th generation so far…

    • Decent framerate? What did you play? Mine played perfectly. Was the PS3 properly ventilated? When it’s a 40c day here the machine does get a little jumpy. Also the 360 didn’t do HD either, it never has. All games on it are rendered at SD then upscaled by a chip located next to the HDMI (At least on the board I examined.)

  • So once again the PS3 version of a game turns up the Anti-aliasing to make it look smoother… it’s nice and all but until they up the Antiostoperic filtering to 16x it’s better to leave the AA off, cause as you can see low grade AA with no AF gives you fuzzy textures.

    Anyone who’s played PC games for a decent amount of time knows this, Microsoft deals with computers so they don’t do that… or maybe the 360 doesn’t even have AA capabilities? Too bad Sony doesn’t get this, it makes it too easy to bash the PS3.

    • actually you get what you pay for. thats why my PS3 has lasted since launch and ive gone through 3 360s in 2 years. LAME!!! 360 is a piece of shit. i stop caring about it after i got the red ring 3 times.

  • If the 360 was not a Frankenstein hardware wise I could say the PS3 is not superior in hardware….

    But before the fanboys get their panstu out of whack the PS3 is a monster to code and optimize for they are still using less than half of its full potential, that means for now it runs…like crap :P.

    Uhg the PS3 was released by sony arrogantly and they have paid for it…altho not enough IMO…taking out BWC…the bastards should just die…. MS released the 360 in beta….and still have not fixed all of its issues… I think they’d be better off not changing the price and tossing a BR drive in it so newer games wont have space issues, hell update the firmware and offer to swap the DVD drive out for 50$ (covers shipping too) the 360 is powerfull enough to last another 5 years if space was dealt with this way they could work on polishing up the next console and not have another flammable beta…

    Oh ya…MS….unlock the Gdamn HDD and make live free already……

    • People this is an old build. Trust me I’m in the exact same spot know playing the demo and there is much more detail. Microsoft better stop paying companies like this or it will become very obvious over time.

  • As said, the PS3 version isn’t the finished version. Of course, because it’s such a pain in the ass to utilize the full potential of the PS3, it’ll just look exactly the same as the 360 version, I’ve never understood each fan base fighting over graphics when at this point it seems it is nitpicking over the fucking fluffiness of the clouds in the sky.

    Only reason I’m learning towards buying the PS3 version is I’m so familiar with the Playstation controller, but if the HDD download is anything like MGS4 was, I may need to reconsider.

  • Can you please PLEASE actually LOOK at the screen shots before making your blatantly biased statements about how superior the PS3 is? Look, liking your favorite console is fine but manipulating the facts so that the PS3 is always on top is just childish.

    The XBox 360 screen shot is the winner hands down, I’m sorry but it shows more detail and the color is richer vs. the PS3 which has a fuzzy, washed out look to it. However, the differences are so subtle that most people probably won’t even notice them. You should be fine no matter what version you buy.

  • well not to strange, PS3 and Xbox 360 GPU is both as powerfull, it differ insanly little ( CPU wise there is osme mayor differences but that doesn’t matter what so ever when the GPU cannot do more then what it can for graphics )

    For graphics thought, even thought the GPU is as powerfull, the Xbox 360 have 512MB memmory shared between GPU and RAM, so for games who do not need as much memory in general can push in extra high resolution textures. PS3 it’s locked to 256MB to each.

    Sure Blu-ray have superior storage capacity but that meens shit if you cannot see it on screen. It’s also a very slow media to load from current as well.

    To many peoples look just blind on the CPU/Blu-Ray combo and completely forget the GPU who is the thing who matters in relations to graphics.

    • Yeah, it’s strange imho.
      People are yelling “CELL” left and right, but what they fail to see is the lacking gfx-architecture the PS3 is using when compared to the 360. It’s like pairing up a Core i7 965 with a Nvidia 8600 (ok not that bad maybe), just makes no sense because the gfx is the bottleneck… .
      Ranting aside, I’d tend to buy the 360 version if I had one, but since I belong to the master race of PC-gamers I won’t be playing this game for now anyway 😉

    • Not true in this case. Sony originally didn’t intend to even have a graphics card, they were going to rely purely on the Cell. They went with a card simply to save time on having to do their own implementation for video output. And even if they had gone that route, the actual horsepower within the PS3 would still likely have topped the 360. Whether anyone ever actually gets around to tapping the full potential is another matter entirely.

  • It’s a Demo people, the final work will be shown better when it’s released and most likely there will be a small if minor difference between the two. Same with FFXIII and every other game that comes out, the only good graphics for depth, smoothness and everything is one the PC anyways so yeah.

  • These are most likley from the demo build. It’s already well published that the 360 version looks slightly better at this point but Capcom have stated both should be on-par come release.
    As for which version to get, I have both consoles so it’s a toss up at the point. Although saying that the PS3 version will have that manditory HDD install that takes like 15 mins plus I prefer the 360 controller…

  • God! What’s up with those arms? Shouldn’t they both be familiar charakters? I like basically every RE character (even the traitor, cuz he had sunglasses), but those two fuckers on the cover are juste annoying. Not even Barry had those kind of arms and what’s up with the fanservice-machine? F*ck!


  • PS3 version probably feels more “blurred” because of the Quincunx antialiasing method, which no one really likes. And the 360 version’s textures apparently are miles ahead. It’s just like DMC4. Looks like Capcom didn’t put too much effort in the PS3 development.

    Of course, the full version could be different.

  • Here’s the thing from those two screenshots its all to do with lighting and as you can see the ps3 is more lighter while 360 has better texture. Take a look at the skies in each picture and the wall. Still thought this is just 2 identical screenshots for each console. All this hype is nothing more than fanbase war etc.

  • Are those screens from the demo again?

    The fact that the official demo looks better on Xbox has been know for weeks now (Kotaku did a comparison over a month ago, I think). People who have seen later PS3 builds all claimed that they were virtually indistinguishable from the Xbox version.

    Comparing graphics when both versions are in different stages of development is fucking stupid and will only lead to endless console flamewars.

    That said, I’ve got the game pre-ordered for both systems. So if one version ends up looking worse than the other I won’t have to worry 😉