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Ranka & Sheryl Dakimakura to Sell at Macross Akiba Event


These official dakimakura of Macross F’s Ranka Lee and Sheryl Nome in alluring poses and skimpy apparel have been announced for sale at February’s upcoming Macross Super Dimensional Space Launch Ceremony in Akihabara.

Both dakimakura should run around ¥10,500 and will be the standard size of 150x50cm. Acquiring one of these sure to be highly sought after dakimakura internationally should prove to be a tall order – eBay or Yahoo Auctions Japan will be handy.

Only the low resolution image above has been released so far, but both seem to have the high quality art expected of an official product. I can’t be sure from just these images, but I think I enjoy Ranka’s frilly pink outfit image the best of all, although I wouldn’t mind having both pillows myself…


The event itself, fully named “Macross Super-Dimensional Space Launch Ceremony It’s really already 2009! It’s 2/22(Nyan Nyan Nyan) Deculture!”, will commemorate the original SDF-1 Macross’ launching into space during February 2009 in the original series’ timeline, and is set for 2/22 at the Akihabara UDX Building.

More details about the event are available at the official Macross site, details on the dakimakura are at the official Bandai Fashion blog.

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